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Big News! Fundraiser! Book Match!

Greetings from your favorite B2P program. We have TWO fundraisers right now! First some Big News:

Did you know we started in 2003? That’s 20 years! More than 10 of those at our current home in the Seventh Ward. It’s time for a new space that better fits our current needs and increases our capacity to fulfill our mission and we are finalizing details on just the spot. That’s right- we are planning a move! We know you have lots of questions, like “When can we volunteer???” We can’t wait to share more exciting details about our new space and how it will improve our ability to have volunteers. Stay tuned for more announcements in the weeks to come!


Your donations via Give Nola Day will help us with moving related expenses such as furnishings that maximize the utility of the new space. Any donations beyond our moving expenses will go towards our general operations, including books, postage, and rent. Help us reach our $2500 goal!

Now through May 8th we have a donor matching the cost of all donated books from our wishlist at Tubby & Coo’s Mid City Book Shop. Support your favorite B2P group, an amazing local bookseller, and get beautiful new books to people inside! Follow the directions at the link to have the book mailed directly to us. Help us reach our $1000 match!


  1. Donate now through May 2nd at 11:59pm via Give NOLA Day!
  2. Buy books now through May 8th at our Tubby & Coo’s wishlist link and we will get matching $$!
  3. Stay tuned for details on our move and future volunteer opportunities!

Thank you for your continued support!

We appreciate you as do the many readers inside who receive books from us.

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners


Mailing address: Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners 3157 Gentilly Blvd. #141 New Orleans, LA 70122