Help us help those inside.

Our program replies to thousands of letters a year. Yet there are still hundreds and hundreds of letters in our backlog that we struggle to reply to in a timely manner.  This deficit will never diminish until injustices in our prison system are addressed on a national level.  Until that time, we are doing our best to provide a small amount of relief to those we are able to reach, and your contributions make that possible.

The options below represent the impact of your generous contributions on our program and those we serve.


Five Paperback Collegiate Dictionaries – $35.00

Five paperback college dictionaries, American Heritage or similar, with 70,000 definitions or more.


2-5 High School Aptitude Test Study Guides – $100.00

Study guides for high school aptitude tests vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $50 each for the HiSET and $20 each for the GED.  Help incarcerated people continue their education!


Donate any amount you like!  We’re  grateful for every gift.

Just go for it! Make it rain pennies or benjamins. Up to you. We appreciate all your support.


Become a Monthly Supporter – $5.00
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Every month $5 will be donated to our program.

Become a Monthly Supporter – $10.00
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Every month $10 will be donated to our program.

Sponsor an Entire Worknight – $150.00
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We select , wrap, and mail around 120 books (~40 packages) packages every worknight, for a total of 2,000 packages and 6,000 books per year (and growing!)

packages 2

That averages out to $150 in postage costs every week, and $8,000 in postage every year.

Your donations help alleviate our growing postage costs and allow us to purchase the educational materials and supplies necessary to keep our program running.

Thank you for your support.

Donations can also be mailed to us at:

3157 Gentilly Blvd. #141
New Orleans, LA 70122

Please make checks payable to “Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners“.  Your support is greatly appreciated.