Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit effort to correspond with inmates and mail them free books.

In 2006 our group was restarted with nothing more than a few salvaged bookshelves in the hallway of a local cooperative space. With the help of our community and the dedication of local volunteers our library has grown to include thousands of donated books, allowing us to mail out hundreds of packages a year to prisoners.

Our goals are to encourage literacy, make prison-life more endurable, and support prisoner interests to the best of our ability. It is not necessarily our place to radicalize prisoners, but to use our resources and privileges as the un-incarcerated to pass along reading materials free of charge.

We currently only serve the following four states: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

We’ve chosen to restrict our service area to decrease the delay between receiving a letter and sending out books.   For a mostly complete list of groups that cover the states we no longer serve please check the National Prisoner Resource List maintained by the Prison Book Program.

Books 2 Prisoners’ worknight in the Mid-City area takes place on Sundays from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at 2523 George Nick Connor.  If you attend a worknight please park across the street and bring bikes inside or behind the house.

Sometimes we take a week off during holidays or when staffing is limited, so please check our Facebook page or website for updates.

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raymond's letter

Letters like this make all the work worthwhile.