Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners is a 100% volunteer effort.

Hi, welcome to Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners!

Our workspace on George Nick Connor Drive is currently closed due to Covid. We are not hosting volunteers, and the book drop is closed for donations. We are still sending out books, but will not be accepting volunteers or used books until the end of the pandemic. Please check the News and Updates sidebar on the right to see if the pandemic has ended.

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sending free reading material to people who are incarcerated. We send thousands of books every year to people who are locked up in jails, prisons, and ICE facilities in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas. LAB2P is run by a small organizing collective, and we have a strong base of awesome volunteers who help make it all possible.

Important updates are posted here on this very website, on the sticky pad to the right, or you can check our Facebook page.

For info on requesting books,  click here. Please note that we don’t accept requests online, but we have a book request form you can print out which has all the information people need to write to us.