How to Request Books

Unfortunately, we cannot accept book requests online. Please send book requests to our new, improved mailing address:

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners
3157 Gentilly Blvd. #141
New Orleans, LA 70122

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners is a volunteer-run program dedicated to providing free reading material to prisoners in the following Southeastern states: Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi. Due to our limited budget and inventory, we can only send one package every three months to any single person.

You do not need to register with us to receive books. Just write us a letter and tell us what kind of books you would like to read. Please let us know your full name, identification number, and address. We also recommend including this information within the letters themselves in case the envelope is lost or damaged.

Our library is diverse but small, so we may be unable to fulfill specific requests. We will try to select books that match your interests, but we ask that requests also include general types of books or genres. We do not have a catalog of available books.

If possible, list any known mailing restrictions. Differences in mailing regulations across prison systems can result in returned packages.

We cannot currently spare the funds to re-send returned packages, but we encourage you to send us another request after three months.

All of our members are volunteers, so there are times when it will take longer than expected to receive your books. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to improve our response time in the future.