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Banned Books Week 2022

Banned Books week (Sept. 18-24) is upon us once again. Book bans have received a lot of attention this year as the culture wars target our libraries, yet many are unaware (or don’t care) that book censorship in U.S. prisons represents the largest book ban in the country. These bans are often opaque– facilities will ban books and refuse to release that information to the public (or us). We deal with these book bans on a regular basis as we try to track restrictions at prisons throughout our service area and attempt to send in books that will make it through prison mailrooms. Some prisons, like Angola and Parchman Farm, have banned used books completely, and it is a struggle to source enough new books to fulfill requests from people who are locked up there.

In honor of Banned Books Week this year, a donor has offered to match up to $1,000 worth of new donated books from now until September 28. You can give the gift of reading to someone inside and double your gift of books via our book wishlist at Tubby and Coo’s.