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2021 Update: Books in the Time of Coronavirus

We’re really sorry if you or someone inside has been waiting a long time for books. We were closed for most of 2020 and we fell very, very behind on answering book requests. We reopened a couple of months ago in a very limited capacity. We’re still not hosting volunteers because our space is too small for social distancing and we want to keep everyone safe. The organizer collective is working hard behind the scenes to get as many books out as we can, but it’s slow going without all our hard-working volunteers helping out. We’re currently caught up to around June/July (or November-ish for Angola). We are trying our best, and we haven’t forgotten about you. Please bear with us.

Our sweet stats are all messed up now. We have shipped out approximately 1700-2000 packages per year for the past five years, and have generally managed to increase our output every year. In 2020, we shipped out 533 packages.

If you or a loved one is locked up in Mississippi, please be aware that we have passed the torch on to Big House Books, PO Box 55586, Jackson, MS 39296. If you sent us a letter last year from a Mississippi facility, we either returned it to you with a note, or we forwarded it on for Big House Books to fill the request for you. Going forward, all Mississippi letters will be returned with a note. This will allow us to focus on our other three states (LA, AL, and AR) and Big House Books to focus on your state, so it should work out better for all of us.

If you or a loved one is in Caldwell Correctional, then you should be seeing a lot more books in the prison library soon– we sent a bunch of boxes of really good books up there. If you or a loved one is in Forrest City, we know all about the Great Book Purge of 2018 and we really want to send books to the library, but we can’t seem to get in touch with anyone within the prison administration. Please let us know if you have any advice on how to reach them and get the library restocked.