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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our program.

The options below represent the impact of your generous contributions on our program and those we serve.


One Package – $4.00
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The handling and postage for a single package of 1-3 paperback books is approximately $3-6.


Five Packages – $20.00
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The handling and postage for five packages of 1-3 paperback books each is approximately $15-30.


Five Paperback College Dictionaries – $35.00
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Five paperback college dictionaries, American Heritage or similar with 70,000 definitions or more.


2-5 High School Aptitude Test Study Guides – $100.00
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Study guides for high school aptitude tests vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $50 each for the HiSET and $20 each for the GED.  Help a prisoner continue their education!


Donate Any Amount You Like!  We’re Grateful for Every Gift.
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Thank you for your support.  We truly appreciate it.

Donations can also be mailed to us at:

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners
1631 Elysian Fields #117
New Orleans, LA 70117

Please make checks payable to “Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners“.  Once again, your support is appreciated.